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Protips: I want YOU to take better pictures!

Protips: I Want You, to Take Better Pictures!
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Photographer's Guide to Earth

Photographer's Guide to Earth
This is your complete guide to everywhere worth bringing your camera.

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Micro Contrast vs Macro Contrast

Micro Contrast vs Macro Contrast

Micro contrast is easy. Macro contrast is hard. It's up to you, as the artist, to decide which regions to highlight, which to hide, and in doing so, give your image presence.

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Transforming Sunny into Ominous

Transforming Sunny into Ominous

The goal of the fine art photographer is to express a mood, a feeling, share your frame of mind with your viewer and cause them to experience the same emotion you felt when looking at a scene.

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Fine Art Photography Workshops
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Rick Battle's Photography Portfolio

Photography Portfolio
After 8 years of photography, this is my best work.

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Travel Journal

Photography Travel Journal

Sunset on Amelia Island

Day Two Hundred and Thirty Four

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Draw Inspiration from the likes of Ansel Adams

Tetons and Snake River, Ansel Adams
It is only through the dedicated study of those that came before us, that we may understand where we are going. This is but a small selection of the passionate artists whose work will forever fill me with wonder.

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Golden Gate at Twilight

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Rosslyn Skyline

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Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Portrait by MVK

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