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I have good news: You are the Luke Skywalker of photography. I also have bad news though: You are the haven’t-left-Tatooine-yet, moisture-farmer Luke Skywalker of photography. But, I have more good news: I am here to be your Obi-Wan Kenobi and teach you the ways of the Force, er … photography. (Note: I’m not Yoda. That’s Ansel Adams and, spoiler alert, he’s dead.) So, if you have a burning desire to defeat Lord Vader, let me teach you how to harness the power of the Force and defeat the Empire ... or, at the very least, take better pictures.

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** But, it’d be really cool if they did!

Published Entries

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Should You Sell Prints?
October 2017

Read it here: Should You Sell Prints?

Transforming Sunny into Ominous
April 2017

Read it here: Transforming Sunny into Ominous

How to use the Histogram to take better Pictures
January 2017

Read it here: How to use the Histogram

The 3 Phases of Photographic Development
December 2016

Read it here: The 3 Phases of Photographic Development

Make Stark Landscapes by Blacking Out the Sky
October 2016
Modern Art Inspired Photo Editing
September 2016
The Expression of Vission
August 2016
Tonal Relationship Inversion in Lightroom
July 2016
New Project: Photographer's Guide to Earth
June 2016

Check it out: Photogpher's Guide to Earth

Complete Guide to Photographing the Milky Way
May 2016
Lighting Techniques in Lightroom
April 2016
Achieve Tonal Separation by Dodging & Burning
March 2016
Subject Isolation with Layers in Photoshop
February 2016
Complete Guide to Infrared Photography
January 2016

Read here: Protips - Pro Photo Daily - PetalPixel - DIY Photography

New Year's Reading List
December 2015
Compositional Experimentation in Nighttime Photography
November 2015
Recipe Development in Color Efex Pro
October 2015
Tonal Separation in Color Efex Pro
August 2015
Spot Removal vs Content Aware Fill
July 2015
How ISO affects Dynamic Range
June 2015
Photographing Deep in the Caverns
May 2015
Antique Photographic Processes in Analog Efex Pro
April 2015
SRGB vs ProPhoto RGB
March 2015
The Joy (and Sorrow) of 9-Stop HDR Photography
May 2015

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