OMG PONIES on the Beach at Sunset

Day Ninety Three. The story of this shoot actually starts several months ago, but I'll sum that all up as *scheduling is fun* and fast forward to the night before when it's downpouring. The weather predictions were claiming that the rain would never end and we should all just hunker down. This was obviously not conducive to a sunset shoot on the beach, so people started dropping out left and right. I went to sleep that night thinking it wasn't going to happen ... and woke up to a continued downpour and no more hope than I went to sleep with ... but when I hopped online, the weather prediction had changed. It was supposed to clear up right about 3, just a couple hours before the sunset. Most of us remaining on the shoot decided it was worth the risk (while a few others dropped out). Right around 2:30, just as I was packing my gear into the car, the rain broke and the sky started to clear. The result of all the madness was one of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen since moving to California … oh and, did I mention the ponies?! :D

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