San Francsico by Night

Day Ninety Five. Having gone south yesterday, we headed north today. Went across the bridge to the Marin Headlands to catch the sunset and shoot the city from across the river. Once the sun went down, the view was absolutely stunning. Nighttime long exposure is definitely my new favourite hobby. We tried to go around and see the lighthouse, but it's apparently only open during really awkward hours in the middle of selected days, so I shot an eight minute long exposure of the rock that was in the way (discovering that eight minutes is long enough to develop hot pixels (boo)). We then went back over to Bay Bridge, where I discovered that there wasn't too much light pollution that you couldn't see the stars, so I shot 24 minutes of star trails. From there, we crossed the aforementioned bridge and see the view from Treasure Island. The city itself was lit up quite well, but I was surprised by the lack of awesome reflections coming across the water. Oh well. It was still cool to see the bridge from the other perspective and the night as a whole was a great success :D

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