Jen gets a Tattoo

Day One Hundred and Thirty. The first day of our mini-vacation, we head up to Frisco for some faultless frolicking. Jen had wanted a new tattoo for a while now and getting one in San Fran would be way cooler than back home, so she decided to go for it. I wasn't originally sure what I was going to do with all of the shots I took while she was getting it ... I was just happy they let me in the back to shoot it. As individual frames, I don't think they're anything spectacular, but as a time-lapse (moderately chaotic though it may be) I think it works pretty well ... now, of course, I only wish I'd taken more shots to make the video smoother, haha. After a little more frolicking and some amazing food, we went around to the two bridges so I could test my shiny new 14-24. Just as with every new piece of glass, there's going to be quite the learning curve with this lens. For the record, 14mm is ridiculously wide and I can't wait to figure out how to make better use of it :)

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