Colorado Springs

Day Seventeen. Popped in to Colorado Springs to have a visit with my Aunt and Uncle who live there. I'd never been to Colorado before and they were nice enough to call in the official deer greeting party. I had a wonderful wander around their back yard (if it can really be called that) chasing the deer, attempting to coo them into holding still as I inched ever closer. After they wandered off a bit faster than I could follow, I went up the remaining bit of slope to discover a wonderful view of the sun setting over the Rockies. After being wowed for a bit longer than I'll generally admit to, I came down, had a nice dinner and then popped over to the Garden of the Gods where I found some marvelous rock formations and an amazing view of the clouds which I entirely failed to capture in focus, but were too stunning to not upload. The big lesson of this trip was the exact nature of where exactly inifinty is on my wide angle lens in relation to the inifinity symbol.

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