Derelict Airfield

Day One Hundred and Fifty Part II. So, we took a wrong turn. But, not all wrong turns are mistakes, and this one led us to a pretty awesome find! Just outside of El Mirage Field Adelanto Airport, there's a massive derelict airfield. It's owned by a company called Aviation Warehouse and they don't do public tours, so if you want to snap some shots, be careful. Fence hoping is trespassing on private property. And, for the record, all of my pictures were taken from over the fence, so unless you really want to tempt arrest to get that shot, don't. Though, if you'd like to know where that golf bag you lost bak in '78 has been all this time, I found it, along with piles and piles of lost luggage. It's too bad they don't let the public in. This would be an amazing place to do some really incredible work! But, even though all of my shots were hand held while leaning over the fence as far as humanly possible, I think I still managed a few good ones :)

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