Monument Valley

Day One Hundred and Forty Nine. And Day 6 of our Epic Cross Country Road Trip! Monument Valley, a location which needs no introduction ... I was so incredibly excited to finally make it here. I'd seen pictures of it, but nothing could have prepared me for the expanse that lay before me. The sheer scale of everything caused me to stop in awe far more than once. And, after yesterday's dead sky, I got extremely lucky with the cloud cover. The "road" isn't paved and it was rough on my little car, but we went slow and made it. For some strange reason, I chose not to pull out my tripod to shoot the bracketed sequences for each image, so all of the HDR work in this set are single exposures, but I was glad I at least had the bracketed sequences. I didn't always use the "correctly" exposed image to produce the final image. I definitely can't wait to come back here and do it all over again!

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