Grand Canyon

Day Twenty. Made the obligatory stop down in the Grand Canyon where the help of a mule was enlisted to ensure the morning's enjoyment. Most of these shots were taken while a top said trusty steed. This caused two things: (1) My distinct lack of truly steady hands were not the cause of many a deleted photo full of little more than motion blur, and (2) I had to fight significantly harder to find interesting subjects (given that the scenery doesn't change a whole lot when one is at the back of the line of mules). The earlier shots (as you can plainly see) were taken with a higher ISO and incurred the usual noise penalty for it. The most interesting (non-canyon) shots were induced by the sunlight streaming through the level of dust the line of mules kicked up as it made its way into the canyon. Despite the fact that I kept a smaller percentage of shots than usual, I still had a great time snapping all of them and of those I did keep, am quite happy with the turn out, especially when considering they were shot from the back of moving mule! :)

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