A Day in Austin

Day One Hundred and Sixty. And Day 17 of our Epic Cross Country Road Trip! We'd been excited to get to Austin since we started planning the trip and figured out we could easy hit it. One of the bigger downsides to a cross country trip through the lesser populated parts of the country is, access to really good food is basically nonexistent. Austin is known for it's food. The restaurants are incredible, while the food trucks are legendary. I'd like to especially thank `Hey!... You Gonna Eat Or What?`. The owner, after making the best Monte Cristo on the planet, came out and sat with us and gave us a list of all of the food trucks we absolutely had to hit. Speaking of the best on the planet, if you ever get to visit Austin, you absolutely must eat at `la Barbecue`. This is not an exaggeration. They are the best. Enjoy :)

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