The Bayou

Day One Hundred and Sixty Three. And Day 21 (and the final day) of our Epic Cross Country Road Trip! I AM COMMANDEERING THIS AIRBOAT!!! (10 awesome internet points if you know where that's from) In all honesty, I was unreasonably excited about the airboat ride. For as much as I absolutely love hiking in the wilderness, I'd never been on an airboat before, so I'd been looking forward to this part of the trip ever since I figured out we could stop in New Orleans. Most people go there for the French Quarter. We went there for the airboat tour. Ok, we also went to the French Quarter, but it wasn't nearly as exciting as the Bayou. The weather was a bit nasty, but that made for some really dramatic shots. I knew the ride was going to rough, and light was going to be hard to come by, so I shot the entire set with my 105mm f/2.8 wide open. At f/2.8, I had plenty of light gathering ability, but found depth of field to be short supply. I had to throw away quite a few shots for not having enough in focus, but most of them I probably would have deleted for being a mess anyways. It turned out to be a challenge to get good subject separation in the swamp. I still have yet to get a good picture of Spanish Moss, and I'm starting to think I never will. But, the baby gator more than made up for it :)

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