Gator Farm

Day One Hundred and Sixty Five. It turned out to be a darker and rainier day than we wanted it to be, but I'd been wanting to visit the gator farm ever since I learned it was a thing, so I wasn't about to let a little rain stop us. There were so many gators! (And crocodiles too, but "crocodiles" isn't as fun to say as "gators", so they're all gators to me.) The lack of good light forced the use of extremely high ISO throughout the entire shoot, which resulted in the usual severe loss of dynamic range and color intensity, but, I think, ended up adding to the final mood of the images. The water many of them were swimming in became a black abyss, making them appear deeply sinister. Despite the grain, I love these images. Maybe even a bit too much. Usually I'm a lot choosier when it comes to which images to upload, but about halfway through, I abdicated my responsibility of choosing the best from image sequences, and simply decided I liked them all, for which I'm sorry I'm not sorry. Enjoy :)

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