Lake Eola Park

Day One Hundred and Seventy Three. Made the trip down to Orlando for what turned out to be baby swan season. There was a lot of fluffiness swimming and waddling around. I don't normally do wildlife shooting, so working with fast moving skittish subjects turned out to be quite the challenge. I also had a lot of issues with depth of field. I started off wide open to get the fastest shutter speed possible, but quickly realized that a razor thin depth of field wasn't going to work here. I stopped down to f/8, and that worked a lot better for the images with a single subject. But, the sequence of images of all of the fluffs swimming towards me had a much shallower depth of field than would have been required to keep the lot of them in focus. I was shooting more than inspecting, so unfortunately, I didn't realize this until I started looking at the images in post, otherwise I would have tried going to to f/16 or so to try and keep all of them in focus. I also had a pretty good architecture day, which involved a minor love affair with a certain hotel. When I first started working with this set, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make it through all of it, but after weeks of work, I'm really happy with how it all turned out :)

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