The Age of Sail

Day One Hundred and Eighty Nine. The date is a lie. This set somehow got lost (i.e. never got imported into Lightroom), so it wasn't until I was cleaning up published work that I found it. These were actually shot on March 23rd, but because of the way my site works, if I were to publish with the correct date, this set (despite being freshly published) would get buried back in history and no one would see it.

Now that that's out of the way ... I was pretty excited to go up to Fernandina Beach to see the Niña and Pinta. I don't know why I was surprised by the following fact, but I was. They were packed. They weren't very big to begin with (and I absolutely can not imagine crossing the ocean in something so small), so the flood of people meant the only direction I could really point my camera was up. I the end I don't think it turned out too bad though. The couple of shots I took looking straight at them looked really weird with the modern sailboats in the background. There weren't any appealing angles available that worked with the lighting and isolated the ships away from anything modern. Still cool to crawl around on, so I'm glad we made the trip :)

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