War Spur Trail

Day Three. Went up to Mountain Lake and walked around the War Spur trail. Went back to the zoom lens so i didn't have to get so close to things to get good macro shots and under the assumption that on the top of a mountain, there would be things worth taking a shot of that're very far away. Brought the tripod in the car in case there was running water and the opportunity to take some long exposure shots, but left it in the car when we got up there and saw how brown everything was and figured that there wouldn't be anything worthy of a long exposure shot. Unfortunately, we were wrong and found a stream, but I didn't mind so much, given how difficult it would have been to continually set up and break down the tripod in the area where the stream was. It was very closed in, causing many shadows, thus requiring the long exposure, while making it incredibly difficult to get a tripod in there in the first place. I need to learn how to handle high dynamic range lighting situations. Despite that, I still got a couple of cool stills of the water.

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