Washington Oaks Gardens State Park

Day Two Hundred and Fifteen. The first time we tried to go to this park, it was closed. Don't they know the best pictures are made a sunset?! After going home and looking at the pictures people were taking there, I realized that we'd gone to the wrong side of the park. The main entrance is on the inshore side, but the good pictures all came from the ocean side.

This time we went to the other side of the park (which didn't close) and found a beautiful beach with interesting rock formations with the waves breaking on them. It wasn't quite dark enough to use ND filters, so I achieved long exposure simply by stopping down. Stopping down always seems like a good idea in the field, but when you get back and look at all of the dust posts in your image, regret tends to seep in. Thankfully, most of the dust spots were easy to fix, but I had to remove about 50 spots per image. One of the dangers of editing my images a year and half after I took them (yay for a 10,000+ image backlog) is that it was way past time for me to clean my sensor ... and, who knows how many more shoots I went on before getting around to doing the much needed cleaning ........

At least these images came out well :)

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