Bombay Beach Ruins

Day Two Hundred and Twenty Four. I went here because of a lie. The internet promised me amazing ruins. Mother nature has had something to say about the nature of those ruins since the pictures I based my decision to go here on had been taken, and it was not nice things. It was abysmally hot. 115℉ with pummeling, direct sunlight. It was so hot, it was hard to think (which is unfortunately obvious is many of my composition choices). Protip: the most boring position to take pictures from is standing. Get low, get extra high, just do something other than walk around and take pictures from your natural eye height. I wish I'd been there to remind myself of that when I was walking around.

On top of that, it stank. Note the pictures of the dead fish. Look closely at all of the little crumbly bits under the fish bodies ... those are bones. This is a mass grave from an environmental disaster. I don't know what turn the salinity up so high, but it's killed everything that was living there.

All that being said, I worked with what I had. How'd I do?

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