5 Minutes in Downtown

Day Two Hundred and Forty. So, there I am, leaving work on a Friday afternoon and I casually look up to see low hanging, fast moving, fluffy white clouds. Essentially ideal conditions for long exposure. I make my way downtown as fast as I legally can (ok, maybe just a little faster than that ... these kinds of clouds don't stick around for long) and set up across the river. I compose for a bog-standard skyline shot. The city isn't the subject of my interest here. I dial in a five-minute exposure, actuate the shutter, and proceed to mill around aimlessly for the next 10 minutes (man, Long Exposure Noise Reduction is just tonnes of fun). Finally, I check the back of my camera and I literally can't believe what I'm looking at. This. This is the future of my photography. Thank you so much, Joel Tjintjelaar, for introducing me to ultra long exposure!

For the first image, I made 2 different versions. The first is 95% Lightroom with 5% cleanup in Photoshop. The second is 100% Silver Efex Pro. Which version do you like better?

The third image is mostly included just to show that 5 minute long exposures don't always look amazing, haha :)

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