Carmel Valley

Day Thirty Three. Went down into Carmel Valley for a wine tour, again exclusively using the 50mm prime to beat the crap out of the learning curve it came equipped with. Found a lot of interesting subject material that I had no previous experience shooting, and was happy to discover that thanks to the amount of light f/1.4 lets in, I had little to no problem shooting in-doors sans flash, though I quickly found that my preferred white balance setting was not exactly ideal in artificial light. While in the last winery, "Crazy Pete" offered a tractor-pulled wagon ride up to a ranch. Hoping that he wasn't an axe murder, I instantly agreed. I can't say no to adventure! At the ranch, I met a miniature pony with a miniature owner, and did a study on horse eyes. The most amazing thing though (camera-wize anyways) was when we went in to the (still being built) wine cooling cave, and after maxing out the ISO, I was (almost) able to get some cool pictures inside the cave!

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