Paklenica National Park

Day Two Hundred and Sixty Three. Made the hop down to Paklenica National Park and proceeded to have an entire day-long fight with Mother Nature of what does and does not constitute good light. Today was a struggle. I'd see a well-lit scene, get everything set up, do a couple of test exposures, and by the time I'd started the long exposure, the light had gone to complete crap. I deleted so, so many bad pictures that could have been awesome. Long story short, I'm really disappointed by what I walked away with.

Any time the original capture is sub-par, it takes monumentally more effort in post just to make the image with keeping. So much effort has to go into fixing it before you can start being creative. If you find yourself feeling burnt out on post-processing, it's probably because your original image isn't good enough and you're burning all your energy fixing it. It only takes a little bit of effort to go from great to amazing. It takes exponentially more effort to go all the way from crap to usable to decent to good to great and then finally on to amazing ;)

So, I hope you enjoy this presentation of the herculean effort in which I took these images from crap to marginally ok, haha 🤣

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