Day Two Hundred and Seventy Nine. We fell in love with Prague immediately. Ok, that was I lie, I apologize. I about had a heart attack driving into the city. I was following Google Maps' directions and as we got closer to the hotel the streets got progressively narrower, to the point where, when I made the last turn, I realized I was on what was little more than a cobblestone sidewalk. There was literally just enough room between the tables and chairs set up for a restaurant and the solid wall of the building next to us for the car to squeak through. And, oh by the way, said cobblestone sidewalk was FULL of people. Ever tried driving through a crowd on a "road" that everyone else agrees is a sidewalk? Yeah, my heart-rate was a bit higher than usual, to say the least. Thankfully, the nice people at the hotel parked it for me (since that would have involved driving back down the road I had just barely survived the first time and going who knows where on the other side of town). Needless to say, I was happy to be car-free for a while.

After the perilous drive in, things settled down and Prague started to win us over. First, the food was amazing. We'd been warned that the local grub was subpar. That turned out to not be the case. Then, we started to notice all of the absolutely stunning architecture. Is it too much to say there isn't a boring building in Prague? Probably, but you won't notice them, as there's a stunner around every corner! Then there's all of the artists selling incredible paintings on the street. Definitely had to take one of those home. The challenge was picking which one. Talk about choice paralysis, haha. Then, just when we thought Prague couldn't get any more amazing, some opera came wafting out of a window we were walking by. It was almost too much. If there was only one city I could have chosen to spend more time in on this trip, it would have been Prague!

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