Day Two Hundred and Eighty Two. There are a lot of options when hiking around Matterhorn. If you only have time to do one hike ... then there's only one choice ... the Five Lakes Hike. It's an absolutely beautiful loop that takes you past five lakes where you'll see Matterhorn reflected in three of them. As you can see, I didn't get lucky with the cloud cover and never got to see the peak. Hopefully, if you go, you'll get a clear view :D

If you happen to take too close of a look at the second image, you might notice a slight oddity in the top right corner ... something of a bloom of light ... that's what happens when you do long exposure work with a tilt-shift lens and don't properly block the light coming into the tilt-shift mechanism. Light leaks only appear in long exposure. They won't show up when doing a normal exposure, but the body of a tilt-shift lens isn't sealed. The mechanism that allows the lens to tilt and shift leaks just enough light to be a problem for long exposure. If you want to do long exposure with a tilt-shift lens, be sure to block the light hitting the body of the lens.

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