Sunset at Twin Peaks

Day Two Hundred and Ninety Six. Made the trek up to Twin Peaks for sunset. It's a beautiful location, but I wish fewer people knew about it. Parking up there is always a nightmare. We obviously found a spot, since I have pictures ... but still ... annoying. Oh well, haha.

While up there, I attempted a pano of the city ... then promptly decided the area surrounding downtown is kinda boring, so I focused progressively closer until I was all the way in at 200mm. Sometimes you just have to try and see what works. Sometimes you have to take the whole journey from wider than a single lens can capture to zoomed all the way in to decide what you like. Having taken that journey, I think my favorite shot is of the moon ... or the radio tower ... I'm not sure ... either way, it's not the cityscape, haha. Probably the moon.

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