Return to Pfeiffer Beach

Day Three Hundred and Eight. Got extremely lucky and actually managed to get into Pfeiffer Beach. If you haven't been there in a while, well ... I've got bad news for you ... it's such a well-known destination at this point that the park service has to post a ranger at the entrance and turn people around all day after it hits capacity (which is generally about 5 nanoseconds after it opens).

Anyways ... this is one of those shoots where I came home with fifty-billion images and it took me several years to go through them all. Maybe one day I'll learn to take fewer images, so I have to sift through fewer later ... but any time there are big rocks with big waves crashing over them ... well ... that's just not going to happen, haha. So, I hope you enjoy the fact that I don't have an editor to tell me to delete more 😄

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