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Google+ is a bit more of an interesting beast than Instagram and I'll be the first one to admit I haven't figured it out completely. Google+ doesn't have the same reciprocative obligations that come with Instagram, so don't be offended when someone doesn't like your work after you like theirs. Google uses some serious voodoo black magic to determine if your work is worth showing to other people. Near as I can tell, if greater than 0.1% of the people it shows your picture to like it, they'll show it to more poeople. So, if you get 10,000 views, you can reasonably expect to have over 100 likes. The trick is figuring out how to get 10,000+ views. I've done it a few times, but manage to miss doing it by a pretty wide margine more often then not. If you know the trick, I would love for you to email me. That being said, I do have a little advice.

  1. Join Communities. Google+ was almost tailor made for photographers. There are many communities for the many genres of photography. The hard part initially can be picking out the ones where original works are posted and the ones that are full of reposts and other non-original crap. Stay away from the non-original posts and reshares. Posting your work to those communities will be confused with the other reposts and assumed to be unoriginal.
  2. Comment more. Google+ lumps likes together into a single notification, so if you want someone to notice you, comment on their work.
  3. Use Themes. See the list below and use what ever's appropriate for your post.


Landscape Photography:
#LandscapePhotography +105588730866970114510 +107958599012052618167 +110189265705410765255 +115999241152301177288 +102450853600215978126 +111567820079190448655 +110336976038750891860 +102385932732073151708 +105344589478658282272 +116848708872457731483 +106901350204433474063 +110974670469184990448

BTP Landscape Pro:
+116416755205215746848 curated by +116501742697641301903 +116501742697641301903 #BTPLandscapePro

Amazing Landscapes:
#amazinglandscapes curated by +114025996339678208608

Americana Photo:
#americana +115478084391885901147 curated by +111112809838472063992 +116706195717971759521

HQSP Landscape:
#hqsplandscape +100379827397924071303 curated by +115530531530181491807 +110248560253758470825 +111567820079190448655 +100657331649343801873 +117069612523347673246 +101637758569124225373 and +114073031906910922403

#photomagic +109362215280922588886 curated by +111940817266286694912

Pixel World:
#pixelworld +111030772181610401482 curated by +118301062646383652931

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