Semi-Automatic Modes

While full manual mode is the absolute best way to conquer understanding the exposure triangle, it can become a bit burdensome for everyday shooting. If getting a proper exposure in full manual mode is still challenging, don't even read this section yet. But, if getting a proper exposure is now second nature and you'd like to achieve the same image a bit faster, then you should use a semi-automatic mode. As a landscape photographer shutter speed is generally of little or no consequence to me. Because of this, when I'm not shooting full manual, I'm in Aperture Priority mode. Aperture Priority mode tells the camera to choose the shutter speed and ISO based on the aperture you selected. There is also Shutter Priority mode and Flexible Program mode. Shutter Priority mode is for when you need to specify a certain shutter speed and want the camera to choose aperture and ISO. Flexible Program mode is some sort of voodoo black magic that no one I've ever met can satisfactorily explain. I therefore don't use it and see no reason to worry about it since I get everything I need out of Aperture Priority and Full Manual mode.

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