Elkhorn Slough & Santa Cruz

Day Eighty Eight. After missing an earlier trip to Elkhorn Slough (due to it being called a safari and my assumption that "safari" == "really far away" when it's really only half an hour up the road), decided to visit the park as a scenic detour on our way up to Santa Cruz. To be completely honest, I was a bit disappointed with the park. All of the pictures I'd seen of it included tonnes of wildlife. There was a whole lot of nothing out there. I'll freely admit that wildlife is finicky and my timing was probably to blame, but that didn't diminish the sense of disappointment. It was scenic and had some nice trails, just not expected level of wildlife. The Santa Cruz trip also turned out to be less than stellar. We went up there to gawk at (and take pictures of) all the weirdos that usually hang out downtown. Unfortunately, the cops had decided to make their presence known that evening and apparently weirdos hide from cops, so all we got was a boatload of normal people ... how disinteresting. Oh well. Still managed some nice shots in the blue hour :)

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