Pinnacles National Monument through the Macro Lens

Day Eighty Nine. Headed back over to Pinnacles National Monument. This time, decided to only bring my macro lens, just to see how things would be different through the longer fixed focal length. I, however, didn't feel like bringing my tripod, so everything you see is hand held (including the shots taken in the caves!). The shallow depth of field and constrained view of the 105mm at f/2.8 definitely provided a new perspective on the park. Unfortunately though, I learned that hand holding true macro shots is next to impossible. Even at f/8, the slightest movement between focusing and hitting the shutter will completely blow your focal plane when you're only a few inches from your subject. While shooting the discarded insect shells, the wish for my tripod ran through my head ... though, without macro rails (which I don't have), it would have been only somewhat useful. Despite that, it was yet another awesome day at one of my favourite parks!

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