Outer Banks, NC

Day Thirteen. Went down to the OBX for a family vacation. The beach is always a nice place to find pictures worth taking. This particular spot on the beach was phpotographically lacking in primary subjects, resulting in a whole lot of not very many pictures being taken, but most of the few that were taken came out well. Once again, I found myself trying to make friends with the local wild life and failing misserably though. I have no idea why they find me suspicious and won't let me close to them so I can I take really interesting photographs of them ... oh well. I have also, once again, learned that I need to trust the light meter. The little LCD screen on the back of the camera is (rather unfortunately) a terribly poor judge of exposure, so images that look washed out when previewed on the camera turn out beautiful, while images that look beautiful on the camera look dark and need retouching to bring out the full colour that was originally there ... oh well. All in all, not a bad set, despite its relatively small size.

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