Tonya's Wedding

Day Fourteen. Another adventure at a wedding ... have I mentioned that I have trouble in low-light situations? I really don't know what the problem is ... point-and-shoot cameras could handle the light level just fine, but I had to crank down the shutter speed to just above the "massive jitter" level to get anything to even come close to working out. Relatedly, this was my first attempt at using the attached flash vice the built in flash. I really don't like shooting with a flash ... everything comes out with big nasty shadows behind it. The pro that was shooting the day had a "kid" with him holding a second light that he'd offset from his camera by about 90 degrees that was triggered by his flash. Very nice in the sense that it eliminated the shadows I was capturing ... but it felt like cheating ... though that may only because that's not really an option for me ... oh well. I don't mind shooting weddings, but I do wish I could dump the shots off on someone else for post processing and final selection. It literally took days to sort through them. It's a good thing the food was good ;).

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