Sacramento through the Fisheye

Day One Hundred and Ten Part II. Despite not wanting to go back to the real world, we did drive away from Tahoe. On the way back, we made a stop in Sacramento to visit the state capitol, which turned out to be a lot cooler on the inside than I was honestly expecting. I shot this set entirely with the fisheye just for fun. In a lot of ways, most of this set is just playing with the distortion and being continually amazed by the 180° field of view. While processing these images I started getting mad at a lot of then, thinking that I'd wasted most of my time out there. What this led to though was pushing the images a lot harder than I usually do. I'm not convinced that I like how most of them came out, but I certainly did learn a lot about what happens when you beat the crap out of various colour channels. This is, if nothing else, one of my most experimental sets. I hope you enjoy it :)

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