A Little More Napa and Some Frisco

Day One Hundred and Thirty Two. Napa truly is a special place. We visited a few more wineries and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. We then headed back south, stopping off in San Francisco to catch the sunset. 14mm is proving to be even more of a challenge than I'd original thought. The urge to "get it all in" is powerful, resulting in a lot of awkward leaning and titling, which then results in a successful capture of "everything" that's so hideously distorted, no one would ever want to look at it. To minimize the perspective distortion (otherwise known as "why are all of the buildings leaning over?"), the horizon must be placed in the dead center of the frame. The trouble is, that's a clear violation of the rule of thirds. The only solution I have to this so far is either (a) cropping such that the horizon falls on the top third or bottom third of the image, or (b) ignoring the rule of thirds. This set includes a dash of everything: leaning buildings, centered horizons, and cropped images moving the horizon down to the bottom third of the image. Feel free to let me know where you think I was more successful and where I was perhaps slightly less so ;)

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