A Super Moon Rises over Mono Lake

Day One Hundred and Thirty Six Part II. And, the evening of Day 2 of the second annual Northern California road trip with my dear old dad. After recuperating from the hike up Black Point and consuming a copious amount of BBQ, we headed back down to the South Tufas to catch the sunset. The incredibly surreal landscape captures the imagination from just about any angle. As if the sunset weren't impressive enough (and though I'd like to say we planned it) we got incredibly lucky, tonight happened to be a super moon that rose during the golden hour! The result of which was the most awe inspiring combination of colours I've seen during a moonrise, probably ever. For an added bonus, I got to teach a bunch of people about the evils of light-painting (nobody likes hot spots!) and how to achieve the effect they were going for by simply extending their shutter time (there was a full super moon after all!). The crazy part (ignoring the sheer number of people crawling over everything, trying their damnedest to get in just about all of my shots) was that most people cleared out before even twilight had ended. I guess they forgot to eat prior to going out, but I'd only have half the pictures in this set if I'd left with everyone else. Not to mention they missed out on the incredible opportunity to shoot star trails during a super moon over one of the coolest landscapes on the planet!

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