Venice Beach

Day One Hundred and Forty Five. And Day 1 of our Epic Cross Country Road Trip! Our first stop is the legendary Venice Beach. What an excellent location for street photography ... except for one thing. Almost without exception, the crazy people (i.e. the ones worth taking pictures of) are all extremely against having their picture taken. You can see some of the angry looks I got in a couple of the pictures (especially from Mr. Roid Rage). I've never felt such virulence from a subject before and the feeling was pervasive. I'm sorry (I'm not sorry), but if you're going to walk around in public dressed like that, people are going to take your picture. If you don't want the attention, you probably shouldn't go around looking like a freakazoid. At least the kids at the skate park were cool (imagine that, haha). The rail was lined with people either taking pictures or shooting video and not a single skater cared. They do their thing, hit big air, we get awesome pictures, everyone goes home happy. I really don't understand why the hate from everyone else I pointed the camera at. I've never experienced it anywhere else and I hope not to again. Oh well, I got a few good pictures. Even if it wasn't nearly as many as I'd like to have taken, I'm still happy with how they came out :)

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