Desert Botanical Garden

Day One Hundred and Forty Six. And Day 3 of our Epic Cross Country Road Trip! No, you didn't miss something. Day 2 was spent at the San Diego Zoo, and I was somehow convinced to leave my big camera in the car. So, our photographic journey picks back up at day 3. Our fist choice for a place to visit in Phoenix was the Phoenix Art Museum, but to our great dismay, it was closed, and like any good art museum, they were closed on Mondays. No, wait, that came out wrong. Why the hell are so many art museums closed on Mondays? Rude. Anyways, we picked the Desert Botanical Garden, since it seemed appropriate to go look at a bunch of cactuses while in desert. And, as a bonus, they had glass art by Dale Chihuly and a Butterfly exhibit. I learned two important things today. 1) Hummingbirds do, in fact, land. I'd never seen it before today, but they do. And 2) taking super awesome macro shots of butterflies without a ring flash is super hard. Out of all the pictures I took of them, I was only able to keep 1 and I had to convert it to black and white because of having to use such a high ISO to compensate for f/40! While this was a cool experience, I do have to say that after a while, all cactuses start to look the same. And, while editing, I ended up deleting a bunch of pictures that I'm only marginally convinced where of different cactuses, they looked so similar, haha ... oh well ... still managed to walk away with a couple cool shots :)

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