Day One Hundred and Forty Seven. And Day 4 of our Epic Cross Country Road Trip! From Phoenix, we turned north to Sedona, and officially entered Red Rock Country. Sedona was supposed to be amazing, and when you google it, it absolutely is. I really struggled here. First up was Red Rock State Park, which is full of incredible vistas ... if and only if you're there in the afternoon. We were there in the morning. The sun was on the opposite side of the rocks, so all of the cool stuff I was there for was in deep shadow. Oh well. I did the best I could, took only a few shots, and went to lunch. For the afternoon, we picked Slide Rock State Park, which we were told would be lit well in the afternoon sun. Lies. All lies. Again, the primary subjects were all in shadow. The contrast wasn't nearly as bad though, so I got a few more keepers and simply accepted that I'd have to come back and do a better job next time. Our last little stop was somewhere on the road to Falgstaff. I didn't note where we were because there was no data signal there, so Google Maps wasn't working, but it provided a beautiful view of the valley we'd just driven through :)

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