New Mexico Museum of Art & Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

Day One Hundred and Fifty Seven. And Day 14 of our Epic Cross Country Road Trip! After not making it to the Phoenix Art Museum (because apparently art museums aren't open on Mondays), we decided to try the New Mexico Museum of Art. It was a bit strange. Why it was strange was a bit hard to put my finger on, but the art selection was just odd to me. The modern art section was actually more infuriating that normal, and that's saying something. The only part I really enjoyed was the southwest section, which in my only moderately humble opinion should have been the entire museum. After leaving the museum in hunt of food, we stumbled across the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. While I do appreciate her work, I'm not overly convinced a whole museum of her work was necessary ... or maybe it's just my A.D.D. talking. Part of the reason I like art museums so much is that every artist only has a few pieces on display, so there's endless variety. In a museum dedicated to a single person, everything has a similar style to it, so I got bored really fast. Our last distraction before finding lunch was the Andrew Smith Gallery, which turned out to be my favourite stop. It houses collections from major photographers. They had a stunning selection of Ansel Adams pieces. If I'd had a spare $180,000 I definitely would have been walking out with one!

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