Savannah, GA

Day One Hundred and Sixty Nine. We'd been looking forward to visiting the historic city of Savannah ever since we arrived here. The first thing we noticed was the difference between road tripping on the west coast and road tripping on the east coast. The drive to San Francisco is about half an hour longer than the drive to Savannah, but the drive to Savannah felt significantly longer. Driving in California, even just up the 101, involves a lot of twists, turns, ups, and downs. It's a drive that's interesting enough to really keep you awake and engaged, preventing you from noticing how much time has passed. Driving in Georgia is long, straight, and flat. You feel every passing second. Every. Single. One. Road tripping on the east coast is physically painful. All that aside, Savannah was still pretty boring. I expected a lot more from the historic city, but interesting and unique subjects eluded me. My ability to appreciate things that aren't truly spectacular has greatly diminished. I may have been spoiled by my time in California.

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