Pinnacles National Monument

Day Twenty Eight. Made my way over to Pinnacles National Monument, and though I'm neither sure I know what the pinnacle is, nor what the monument is to, I thoroughly enjoyed my 11.5 mile hike around the mountains. I stuck with the wide angle lens and tried to do both macro and landscape with it to varying degrees of success. It has a decent reproduction ratio, but you have to get really close to your subject to get the most out of it, so keep that in mind while looking at the pictures (yes, plural!) of the tarantulas. I was again fighting the lower bound of the shutter speed that I can use without introducing hand shake ... I decided to keep a few shots despite having "missed" (in particular #0143), and was disappointed that more of them didn't come out. Hopefully, when I (eventually) upgrade to a VR lens, that problem will go away. My favourite for this set is a bit hard to describe succinctly, so I'll simply tell you that it's #0134 ;)

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