San Francisco Part Deux

Day Twenty Seven. Made the obligatory trip over to the Golden Gate Bridge, which was covered in the equally obligatory fog. And, if you're wondering if I ever get tired of taking pictures of seagulls ... well, the answer's no ;). After finally deciding that it was too cold and windy to stay near the water (and, more importantly, that it was lunchtime), I made my way over to China Town, where I found some moderately interesting architecture that was mostly obscured by the pervasive power cables for the electric bus system :-/ ... but, the wall murals were amazing! The dismal light (it was overcast) made some of them hard to photograph, but I think the few that I was able to capture came out pretty well. Then, of all things, I found myself in a tunnel and decided to attempt an unsupported, hand-held shot running down the length of the tunnel ... and it came out! I focused a little close, but I still managed the shot with zero hand-shake! I literally could not believe that it came out. My favourite of the set has to be the weather-beaten metal chain hook though. The colours in it are simply stunning :)

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