NYC Day 5

Day Two Hundred. I kind of can't believe I've made it this far. My 200th upload. Ask me back in March of 2009 when I started this if I was going to make it here and I'd have looked at you like you had three heads, but here I am! Somebody throw a party!

The weather wasn't quite as cooperative today as it had been earlier in the week, so the cloud cover wasn't nearly as epic. The solid clouds came out more as dense fog than as graceful cloud movement, so I worked a little extra magic in post. I experimented more with the white balance for the first infrared shot and was able to make the trees go white. I really like this effect and will have to use it more for images with significant foliage.

The next two image are a comparison between natural light and infrared, and me covering up (rather successfully if I may say so myself) the fact that Nikon's 50mm f/1.4 has an IR hotspot (which I'd completely forgotten about). If you saw it in color, it'd be glaringly obvious, but with the black and white conversion, I was able to hide it as part of the overall lighting of the scene.

The last image is my trying to recreate the magic of the first image and failing. I was able to get the trees to go white, but the buildings and the sky being the same blue here turn out flat. More texture in the sky would have solved the problem, but alas, the clouds were completely solid by this point.

This is my last day in New York (boo). I love this city, and I'll be sad to once again have to say good bye.

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