Dames Point Park in Infrared

Day Two Hundred and Nineteen Part II. On the way home from the zoo, I couldn't help but notice the quality of the cloud cover and setting sun, so I decided to make a pit stop at Dames Point Park. Since I was on the east side of the bridge, it took a little bit of work to dig the details of the bridge out of shadow, but I'm pretty happy with how it came out.

Since the bridge was in shadow, I turned around and figured I'd try a shot with the tugboat. Doing long exposures with boats is risky. Even when the look still, over the course of 30-120 seconds, if they move at all, the exposure is ruined. I did a few test shots and decided to risk it. I went with a 90 second exposure and got really lucky that they didn't move. The clouds, on the other hand, didn't move nearly as far as I would have liked them too. But, I was already at ISO 50 and f/11. There was just too much light around to double or triple the exposure length, so I went with what I had. Overall, I'm happy with the couple extra shots I was able to squeeze in today :)

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