An Evening Downtown

Day Two Hundred and Twenty Eight. I hadn't gone out in a while and the local photo group wanted to do a downtown, evening-lights shoot, so I hopped in the car. I'm not the biggest fan of the waterfront here, but I figured I'd see if anyone else there had a more interesting way of looking at it. And I'm really glad I ended up going. The sunset was spectacular and there were some pretty interesting clouds moving around after dark. I really like how the image of the burnt out street light came out. I just wish I'd paid a little more attention to my lineup so it would have been fully centered. Oh well, haha. My absolute favourite shot of the evening has to the be the first one though. The skyline itself is boring, but the lighting was magical and (as evident by the smiley face), I may or may not have taken that one into Photoshop and had some fun with it. There are no less than 26 masks in it, though only 3 layers. If you ask really nicely, I might show you what the original version looks like ;)

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