An Afternoon in DC

Day Two Hundred and Twenty Nine. Work sent me to our nation's capital and I found myself with a free afternoon, so I wandered through both houses of Congress, the Library of Congress and around the surrounding area.

It was ridiculously bright outside. With my thickest ND filter, the longest exposure I could take was 15 seconds! I certainly would have loved to shoot longer, but a 10 stop filter is only going to get you so far. I need to go buy that 16 stop filter!

Processing this set was fun. My editing style is definitely moving in the "high effort" direction. It took me two weeks to make the Supreme Court image. It's only got 3 layers in it, but there are 26 different adjustments and masks. I really need to figure out how to make the masks faster. Hand tracing the area of each and refining the edge is 95% of the work, and it's not even the fun part. Oh well. I'm absolutely in love with the result, so until I figure out a better way, I'll just have to keep putting in the effort :)

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