Day Two Hundred and Forty Nine. Daytripped up to Philly, because why not. Spent the day experimenting with polarization, long exposure, and infrared.

The first building set is a triplet done three different ways. The first image is natural light. The second image is polarized. The third image is a 5-minute long exposure.

The fourth image is anther 5-minute exposure that I put far too much work into.

The fifth image I'm a little upset about. It's a natural light test shot for a 5 minute exposure I had to delete because I must have bumped the focus ring while installing the filter. The test shot is tack sharp. The long exposure was out of focus :(

Images 6 to 9 are a quad set. The first and second of the set were taken at 50mm. The first is a natural light shot. The second is the same composition at 5 minutes. The third image is essentially the same as the second, but taken at 24mm. The fourth image is the same 24mm composition, taken in infrared.

The final image I honestly didn't expect to keep, but after processing, I've rather come to like it. It's a 30 second, no filter, long exposure :)

Which one is your favourite?

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