USS Wisconsin Part II

Day Two Hundred and Fifty. Went downtown without any particular aim, but after driving past the USS Wisconsin on my way to park and looking at the lighting, I knew exactly what I was going to shoot. I'd been looking for more excuses to use my tilt-shift and 16 stop ND filter ... and I'd just found it :D

Is there anything out there as graceful as the streaking of clouds in a well executed five minute long exposure? I think not.

The other 2 images were shot from the roof of an ultra secret parking garage across the street. Just for fun, I inverted the tilt-shift for the first shot after deciding 24mm was just a tad bit too wide for the viewpoint. So, I swapped out for the 50mm for the second five minute long exposure of the day. Though, this time, we were deep enough into sunset that I only needed my polarizer and a 10 stop ND filter to achieve the 300 second exposure time.

If I were insanely better at Photoshop, I think I'd 'shop out the stuff holding the ship in place to make it look like it was free floating in the harbor ... but that's massively beyond my skill level. Oh well, haha. I still like the images as they are :)

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