Otočac & Northern Velebit National Park

Day Two Hundred and Sixty Seven. It wasn't that long ago that Croatia was Yugoslavia and going through a terrible civil war. Not all of the damage from the war has been repaired. The first image today comes from the town of Otočac, where that damage is still on display. Just down the street from this building is Spomenik Hrvatskim braniteljima, a memorial park (that I didn't get any good pictures of, so you'll just have to go there and see it yourself).

The hike through Northern Velebit National Park was my favorite so far in Croatia. Lots of scrambling over rocks and hunting for the next trail marker to make sure I was still going the right way with a dash of jumping over a snake, just to keep it interesting. The view at the peak was an absolute stunner. And, side note, the 4G coverage at the peak was also amazing. It was good enough to video chat with my family to share the views in real-time :D

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