Dolomites Day 1

Day Two Hundred and Seventy Three. After a lovely day in Venice, we made our way up to Cortina d'Ampezzo, which is a great place to stay while hiking various points in the Dolomites. Today we hiked up Monte Civetta. We were supposed to hike down the other side and catch a bus back to the starting point, but right after we summited, it started downpouring, so we had to turn back and seek shelter in a Rifugio while waiting for the rain to lighten. We only made it 2 hours into our 7 hour hike. And, to make things even better, on the way back down, we missed the first chair lift, so we hiked all the way down to the second one ... a much soggier start to our time in the Dolomites than we were expecting, haha

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