Dolomites Day 2

Day Two Hundred and Seventy Four. Today was a great day to be in the Dolomites. Especially after getting dumped on so hard yesterday, haha. We cheated a little and rode the cable car up to Cinque Torri, an absolutely stunning rock formation with equally stunning views in all directions ... and (because that wasn't enough already), there's a rifugio up there too! The Italians are definitely doing it better than ... well ... everyone else. I never knew that rifugios were missing from my life until I experienced them. Now, I don't understand why all national parks don't have them. What could possibly be better than being halfway through a long and strenuous hike than stopping at a rifugio for some pasta and a cappuccino before finishing the back half of your hike? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing could be better than that 😄

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Dolomites Day 2
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