Shark Fin Cove

Day Two Hundred and Ninety. Shark Fin Cove was another one of those places that had been on my must-get-to-eventually list for a long time that I'd honestly been kind of avoiding. It's just so blah, there it is, a big rock that kind of looks like a shark's fin. And, once you're there, and it's sunset, and there's not a cloud in the sky, and there's the exact number of people with cameras you expected, and you're just like, oh great, I'm my own stereotype, haha. There's not much else there, except for the rock next to Shark Fin Rock. It kind of looks like a submarine and I had a lot more fun shooting the waves coming alongside it than I did the one obligatory, look it's a rock that looks like a shark's fin shot. Am I glad to check it off the list? Yes. Am I going back any time soon? No, I don't think so, haha.

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